Today I had a crazy Latex session.

Today I went to my studio with great pleasure. This beautiful space has many attributes and several nice toys. Together with my infinite imagination, I make beautiful memories there. Sometimes I feel the need to whip up these memories on the skin of my slaves too. But that is for the moment.

So I was in a good mood and in my studio. My new Latex outfits had arrived and I tried them on with great pleasure. My beautiful body is built to be covered in Latex. This brings out my natural dominance even more.

Was it because of my good feeling that I treated my slave very enthusiastically with my whip, was it the perfect attention I gave to his testicles, buttocks, was it the beautiful red stretch marks. I felt superpowerful, happy, feminine, masterful,

My slave cried, unfortunately I forgot to ask if it was from happiness.

Thank you slave for letting me enjoy today, dressed in latex, so much.

Mistress Lauren.