Your Kinky Dream Mistress


Lauren Bizarre +31 (0)6 333 02 613 Netherlands Rotterdam.

The Beautiful, Ruthless, Sexy, Playmate Model, Sadistic, Irresistible Dominant Lauren Bizarre is back.
In a particularly beautiful location, Lauren receives neat, well-mannered slaves. Looking for that one ultimate experience? An unforgettable BDSM session, consisting of erotic tease and denial, combined with sadistic pains? With the greatest of ease this talented Lauren Bizarre. knows how to dominate.

Do not underestimate her dominance, most slaves are enchanted by her smile, her open feminine seduction is a big trap. This Mrs. is rock hard when she wants to be, with the greatest of ease Lauren Bizarre switches from smile to huge need to hurt. We are very happy that Mrs. Lauren is back and we long for a session with her. Despite the warnings, despite the scars and despite the experiences. But the flame burns and the desire grows. No it is impossible to ignore the call of Lauren Bizarre.

Contact Call: 06 33302613